From the middle of the medieval city of Riquevihr we bring you Initio’s Gewürztraminer. From grapes on a land parcel next to a Grand Cru, the wine benefits from the knowledge and experience for over a century of the Dopff family and shows the great character of the wines of Alsace. A fresh expression, delicate and very floral, for a great class Gewürztraminer!

A few words on the vineyard…

As a family property from the XVIth century, the domain developed itself through the history of the Riquevihr village. It is also thanks to the Dopff family that the Crémant d’Alsace was created! Today, three generations run the domain and work their best to put their property story in bright lights.

Aromas & Tasting

The wine shows an intense yellow, with golden reflections. Its nose is powerful and complex, revealing floral aromas (mostly rose) but also exotic fruits (litchis, pineapple, mango…). The tasting shows the dense experience is gently held by a certain freshness. The whole tasting is an exotic trip for your mouth.

Wine-food pairings

Our Gewürztraminer will perfectly accompany you on a dining aperitif, but will also be able to face strong cheeses like the Munster, the Pont-Lévêque or blue-cheeses like the Roquefort or the Bleau d’Auvergne. It is an excellent choice for asian meals (especially thai food) and, in a more general cuisine, lightly spicy food.

For the curious ones…

And for those who never get enough information, you’ll find in this short recap table anything you ever wanted to know about our Gewürztraminer.

Name Initio Gewürztraminer
Wine region Alsace
Vintage 2016
Alcohol 13°
Name of the producer Dopff Family
Assembling 100% Gewürztraminer
Ground Argilo-Sableux / Argilo-Marneux
Service 11-12°