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100% Cabernet-Sauvignon

A few words on the vineyard

Our Initio Rose de Garde comes from the legendary 1855 Grand Cru Classé vineyards. Showing off the exceptional quality with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and famous gravel from the family that brings you Chateau Léoville-Barton in Saint-Julien. The wine’s texture, balance, freshness, and density surely show off the family’s signature style in this limited production Rose.

The Barton Family arrived in the Médoc by the beginning of the 18th century and has been producing great wines ever since. Today, marks the tenth generation exploiting this exceptional soil.

Aromas & Tasting

At Léoville-Barton, Rosé production is not something you see everyday (the last vintage was produced in 2010…). Throughout the years, Cabernet Sauvignon used in Rosé production is bled, not allowed to ferment with the skins of the grapes, into wooden tanks for production. This gives the wine its beautiful lighter color, and fresh acidity while maintaining the family’s style of expressive aromas. The Initio Rosé de Garde is a rare ‘family secret’ that we can now enjoy together!

Wine-food pairings

Initio’s Rosé, by its production method, takes specific characteristics of a red wine (fine tannins, and a aging potential far superior to “classic” rosés). Thanks to this specificities it will be perfectly suited to numerous plates, like meat based ones (grills, charcuterie…) but also mediterranean plates based on fish or composed salads.

For the most curious ones…

And for those who never get enough information, you’ll find in this short recap table anything you ever wanted to know about our Rosé de Garde !

Name Initio Rosé de Garde
Wine region Médoc
Alcohol 13°
Name of the producer Barton family
Ground Graves
Service 13-14°