Sauvignon Blanc





AOC Bordeaux Blanc


85% Sauvignon Blanc – 15% Sémillon

A few words on the vineyard

Entre-Deux-Mers and its clay and calcareous soil is the perfect place to let the Sauvignon Blanc give its most admirable expression. With the experience of dedicated wine makers, they can create exceptional wines. Vivacity, freshness and balance, this wine is without a doubt the perfect expression of a Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc.

Set in the region for more than two centuries, the Dubourg family knows exactly how to get the best of its soil. The use of this precious soil is done with a clever alliance between traditional techniques and modern tools. It is now Benoît and Valérie, wine producers, who work on the vineyard’s development.

Aromas & Tasting

The wine is showing us a clear and shining color, made of a pale yellow with green reflections. Its nose is very specific and reveals vegetal aromas but also some notes of lemon. The tasting is guided by its vivacity and freshness, showing the proper balance of this wine. The assembling being of 15% of Sémillon, classic in Bordeaux, completes the Sauvignon Blanc righteousness by giving a bit a sweet on the end of the tasting.

Wine-food pairings

Initio’s Sauvignon Blanc will perfectly fit any seafood product. Seafruits, schrimps, fish or even the very traditional mussels-french fries, all of them will be in great company thanks to the freshness, balance and acidity of our Sauvignon. It is also making a really efficient duo when shared over some cheese, including goat cheese!

For the most curious ones…

And for those who never get enough information, you’ll find in this short recap table anything you ever wanted to know about our Sauvignon Blanc.

Name Initio Sauvignon Blanc
Wine region Entre-Deux-Mers
Alcohol 12.5°
Name of the producer Benoît Dubourg
Ground Argilo-Calcaire
Service 11-12°